Project tools

Project management tools

We are specialists in working with different project tools, and can support your business with the pre-study, and to evaluate, choose and implement the project tool. Our goal is that the project tool should support the processes, methods and routines in the business, and we can help your business with for instance:

  • Setting up new projects with the work breakdown structure
  • Entering tasks, duration and dependencies
  • Working with different types of resources and resource calenders
  • Assign resources to tasks
  • Optimizing the schedule
  • Cost simulation
  • Setting the baseline
  • Using reports and dashboards
  • Creating templates and transfer knowledge and lessons learned

The management’s support is important when you implement the project tool, and you must elicit involvement from the users. It is advisable to implement with caution, and work with the functionality step by step, we can support your business during the implementation.

Working across multiple projects

We have experience from combining all the resource information from different projects into a single central file, a resource pool. Reports and dashboards allow your business to present the status of your projects through tables and charts supplied dynamically from the schedule updates.  This work is done together with the management and the users, and ensures that the project work could be visualised and presented effectively.